Full Circle

Streamline your telco processes and reduce costs

 Full Circle – complete Telecom Expense Management Solution

Streamline your processes

Benefit from consolidated processes and advanced analysis with real-time telecom billing data available within a single system

Save time

Cut administration time for your employees and empower them with the information they need, accessible quickly and easily

Greater profitability

Discover cost saving opportunities through better visibility and make more informed decisions that will drive your profit further


Control and reduce costs with proactive telecom management of your voice, data and mobile service
and devices

Real savings

We are vendor neutral so no carrier change is necessary, the bulk of savings is generated from cost control, effective use and efficient selection


Reduce your resource requirements by providing experienced specialists as part of our expense management system and benefit from our contractual expertise


Centralise and operate your end-to-end telecommunications processes across multiple vendors using our purpose-built insight platform with highly automated processes


Have our telecommunications management team assist you with any question you may have on reporting


Our telco analytics bill analysis software can also show trends in calling patterns, growth or reductions in costs by changes in plans, carriers or implementation of new technology or policy

It’s in the cloud

Our web-based platform is accessible anywhere. Solutions are managed by us for you, meaning you don’t have to learn any new skills and always have consistency and continuity of your fixed and mobile telco data


Powerful, easy to use reporting platform, so you can decide what data you want to view and export


Telcom audit software

Carrier bills can sometimes contain errors of some description. It’s critical for internal governance to ensure that you are not being charged more than you should. A spot check does not normally yield anything meaningful. You need to know for certain whether carrier charges are compliant or causing you to over pay.

It’s not likely that your carrier is deliberately or maliciously overcharging you, however there are so many ‘pairs of hands’ involved in taking a telco contract, with a complex set of products, from signature to a monthly bill, that human errors are bound to happen.

Our telecom audit software will audit each and every billed item and evaluate the detail of your contract to determine any amounts of overbilling.


Generate cost savings and efficiency at any time of a contract life cycle by aligning all services to its lowest cost based on usage profile.

Our optimisation process was created to generate cost savings and efficiency for our clients. It can be used at any time of a contract life cycle and examines optimisation that can occur within your current contracts, set-up, usage profile and staff behaviours.

Our team of experts examine your telecom fleet to and determine how effectively it’s operating and identify savings which stretch in future billing months.

Telco antalytics benefits

By using Telecom Analytics, which includes and fully incorporates Bill Analysis Software, Business Analytics and Mobile Analytics, you will be able to achieve important business goals.

Genuine savings

In dollar terms, those who use analytics and intelligent market solutions see an average annual cost reduction of 26%

Prevent Bill Shock

Bill analysis software helps prevent cost blow-outs and hidden costs from becoming runaway costs

Constant optimisation

Telco Analytics allows you to measure and evaluate the ROI and
payback of any changes you implement across your telecoms portfolio

Save time

Our managed service saves you a tremendous amount of time, requiring very little work on your part

Customised Reporting

We can help you customise your reports with minimal effort on your part, ensuring you have exactly the data and insights for your specific needs


Online portal dashboard highlighting the key monthly indicators
including spend, number of services and international roaming

A proven approach to success

At Optyc, our knowledgeable team provide a range of TEMS services to empower customers, including:



Account Management

Support & Training