Proactively manage your voice and data costs with Telecom Expense Management Solutions


For easy device tracking through asset management, personal usage reporting and advanced benchmarking, ask about our Jtel software, or Jtel+ for additional call accounting functionality.

Full Circle

For a solution focused on deep, insightful analytics provided to you in an easy to understand format, ask about our Full Circle Group software solution.

What is a telcom expense
management solution?

optyc’s cloud-based Telecommunications Expense Management Solutions (TEMS) helps to control and reduce costs by streamlining and proactively managing your voice and data over both fixed and mobile services.

Eliminate financial waste and corporate governance risks with managed services options that maximise savings from telecommunications expenditure.

What does TEMS provide?


Telecommunications services are often comprised of many negotiated and customised plans and structures.

Auditing of your billing can provide significant insights into possible overcharges by your carrier.

Our specialists will audit each and every billed item and evaluate against your contract to determine any instances of overbilling.

Managed services

Hand the workload over to our experienced Managed Services team, from basic administration to a completely outsourced solution:

  • Ensure system information is kept up to date
  • Improve your administrative
  • Procure devices and handle
    handset or service queries with
    carriers on your behalf
  • Be available as a dedicated team


In every telecommunications portfolio there is potential to further optimise your setup – from infrastructure, contract, usage, efficient purchasing and selection.

Our experts will quantify and determine how effectively your telecommunication fleet is operating.

Gain visibility over under-utilised services and uncover cost and usage savings.

Customised reporting options

Streamline the allocation process, analyse and report on cost savings from employee reimbursements.

Financial packet interface reporting

Integrate our solution with your current financial package to further increase efficiency.

Rebiller Module:

  • Mark up and pricing options to
    customise your service provider’s rates and create different rate plans
  • Effective management and control of your external parties’
    telecommunication expenses
  • Generation of monthly profit and loss reports

Telco analytics

Our software provides detailed statistics and analytics about your telecommunications usage and costs.

Also see calling pattern trends and understand cost increases and reductions according to changes in plans, carriers of the implementation of new technologies and policies.

Call accounting and directory system

Our CADSwin is a powerful yet easy to use TEM system which integrates seamlessly with any PABX to track and allocate telephone, fax and internet calls. Features include:

  • Connect to multiple sites and
    collect call data with the call
    collection module
  • Reporting filters to pull collected information
  • Export reports in a variety of
  • Powerful directory system with the ability to filter and search on any field

Business benefits

Expense management

Create accountability and manage cost reduction through transparency of information

Utilise a cloud-based platform, accessible from anywhere

Manage and control your organisation units, users, services and assets

Usage management

One, unified system holds billing and device information

Track devices and their associated cost centres

Gain insights into usage and cost savings with a wide range of intelligent reporting

Finance management

Allocate costs to employees and upload to your finance system

All telecommunication costs can be allocated back to individuals and departments

Streamline telecommunication expenditure

Reduce complexity and manual effort by streamlining and automating telecommunications spend processes.

See comprehensive reports at the click of a button to update internal stakeholders on your telecommunications spend.

Achieve cost savings

Control and reduce costs by proactively managing voice and data services over both mobile and fixed lines.

Take action on improvement areas identified through advanced analytics and reporting.

Save on additional costs by easily identifying devices that have no outgoing activity but are incurring service charges.

Cut admin time

Use technology which streamlines and automates monthly bill reporting and cost allocation processes.

Stop using spreadsheets, manual calculations and reconciling of carrier bills.

Cost savings and spend reductions are identified for you, leaving your administration staff to focus on important business tasks.