TCS POS for NetSuite

Growing retailers are taking advantage of omni-channel capabilities, such as real-time stock item availability by store location and accepting in-store returns for online product purchases. How do you manage this if you’re working with separate online and in-store sales systems?

Using NetSuite ERP as a unified back-end system fully integrated with TCS POS functionality will allow you to bring your sales channels together, grow sales faster and provide a better customer experience.

Whether you’re already operating a retail store, opening new stores, pop-up shops or kiosks, or just looking for mobile point of sale, TCS POS is an easy, cost effective solution.

Delivering a better in-store experience 

Empower your staff to provide in-store customers with real-time pricing and product information, stock levels, back order times, product returns information and more. Let customers redeem loyalty points, manage lay-bys or process split payments, including gift voucher payments.

TCS POS lets you complete your POS transactions on almost any device and is optimised for the major internet browsers: Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Whether you prefer to use your laptop, PC, Mac, iPad, Android or Windows tablet, you and your staff will never miss a sales opportunity using the TCS POS system.

Provide a seamless omni-channel customer experience

TCS POS links in real-time to your NetSuite account, including the small business JCurve ERP edition. Working with your ERP data on sales, inventory, marketing, CRM, eCommerce and more, TCS POS will provide comprehensive, omni-channel capabilities that translate across both digital and physical shopping experiences.

Leverage more information from your back-end system; whether your customer has logged a support case, made several purchases of similar products, or has been engaged with your brand, your employees can see all of this information when attending to customers in person.

Deliver a better in-store experience by gaining a complete view of your customers. Also help customers get what they’re looking for quicker with up-to-the-minute information available at every sales person’s fingertips.

Better information to make better decisions

Make better daily business decisions, based on real-time data. Deliver technology to your store managers that empowers them with store sales performance by product lines, selling times and reps, financial and transactional information.

Know your current stock on hand and inventory for all your stores. See your fast selling and slower selling products to be confident with ordering and marketing decisions.

Empower your business expansion

Opening up new stores and implementing mobile point of sale is now less time consuming and more cost effective to manage with TCS POS. Pop-up shops and kiosks can be ready to do business much quicker by using your existing TCS POS technology to start doing business and making more sales, faster.