Smart automation for all spend

One platform to manage expenses, supplier invoices, purchase orders and travel spend. All with budget visibility.

In the one powerful solution expensemanager will improve your productivity, keep your staff happy and save your business time and money whilst seamlessly integrating into NetSuite.

Implementing our expense management & AP Automation tool has proven to reduce costs by up to 85%.

“A key advantage with expensemanager is its’ ability to handle our different expense types across our different companies without having the additional cost and maintenance of multiple databases.”

Andrew Deane, Financial Controller – KFC (Yum! Restaurants)

Businesses run better with expensemanager

Dedicated Mobile App

Easily snap and upload receipts, create expense claims or even approve claims on-the-go.

Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

Eliminate manual data entry and completely transform your supplier payment process. Proven to cut time & cost spent on AP by up to 85%.

OCR Technology

Easily snap and upload receipts using state of the art OCR technology which pre-fills details and matches to your expense records.

Configurable Approval Workflows

Workflows can be set up to support your specific expense approval process including multi-level approvals and approval value limits.

Digital Receipt Vault

Save hours of time shuffling through receipts as they are stored securely in our dedicated receipt vault.

Automatic Email Reminders & Alerts

Keep the process moving with automatic reminders for expense submissions, approvals and more.

Smart Mapping

Save hours of time with Automatic coding for common expense types to speed up the process, while providing user prompts to ensure coding is correct.

Digital Receipts for paper-free handling

Digital receipts from merchants including cab charges, mobile phone charges, and more can be received and processed electronically with no manual rekeying.

ABA Files for easier reimbursements

Speed up the reimbursement and supplier payment processes with automatic generation of ABA files and Direct Entry files.