ERP Integration

See greater ROI on your investment by expanding the reach of your ERP with a range of partner integrations.

ERP Integration Overview

Whether it’s a CRM solution that your sales team requires, or an industry-specific application that your company can’t do without, or a system that helps your overall productivity, Jcurve partners with leading technology providers so you can access a wide range of extended functionality.

Ecommerce Integration

Integrate your eCommerce platform with your NetSuite or Jcurve ERP account to save time, reduce effort and be poised for scalable growth. Save your business significant time and effort by cutting down rekeying between systems and manual, repetitive tasks.

Integrated products

EDI data exchange

Eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors with electronic sending and receiving of orders, invoices, acknowledgements, shipping and other trading documents.

Contact centre solution

Empower your sales and support teams with an enterprise-level cloud contact centre and telephony solution. Simplifies phone, chat, email, SMS, social and more.

Expense management

Manage expenses quickly and conveniently with mobile uploads, automated matching to common expense types, and fully configurable approval workflows.

Import bank transactions

Simplify bank reconciliations by importing your bank transactions. Payments are created and matched with bills, invoices and other transactions.

Advanced B2B mobile sales platform

Improve sales rep and distributor productivity by equipping them to sell onsite and online. Sell smarter, sell bigger, sell faster.

Cloud retail point of sale

Drive productivity and enhance customer service by performing POS transactions on PC, Mac, iPad and Tablets, updated in real-time to your ERP.

Customer payment made simple

Give your customers an effortless way to settle invoices and keep your cash flow happening. Simplify payments, save time, and improve cash flow.

ERP Integration Process

Successfully completing an ERP integration ecosystem can be done in different ways. The integration process depends a lot on the specific needs, budget, and capabilities of your organisation.

The types of integration process include:

Integration Platform as a Service – Based on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model which means replacing various systems with a single platform designed to allow users to manage different application.

Custom Built Integration – Built by and for – the organisations that use them and connects single applications with the ERP system using proprietary application program interface (API).

Point to Point Integration – Connects your ERP system to each application used in your organisation using distinct integrations.

Enterprise Service Bus Integration – Uses a communications bus or a centralised software hub that works as the information source for all applications connected to it, as well as automatically handling data transfer and integration.

Why work with optyc?

optyc by Jcurve is a scalable ERP solution that grows seamlessly with businesses of all sizes.
With optyc you:

  • Grow your business with a solution that supports your needs at every stage.
  • Automate core business processes with a unified cloud-based platform.
  • Gain real-time visibility to key business insights for smart, agile decision-making.
  • Implement the most deployed cloud-based ERP system through a premier NetSuite partner.

Contact us today to learn how optyc can add value to your business.