ERP Integrations

See greater return on investment from your ERP investment with a range of partner integrations

Integration Overview

Jcurve partners with leading technology providers. Gain access to a wide range of extended functionality.

ECommerce Integration

Jcurve SIS (System Integration Services) saves your business significant time and effort by cutting down rekeying between systems and manual, repetitive tasks. Start doing more without adding headcount and set your business up for fast, scalable growth.


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a way of enabling different systems to talk to each other and exchange business documents electronically, such as purchase orders, sales orders, shipping notices, invoices and more. This is particularly helpful for wholesale distributors, manufacturing companies, and other businesses with high transaction volumes.

Expense Management

Business expenses can be time-consuming and admin-intensive. Too much time is often spent filling out claim forms, having accounting resources manually rekey data, and locating policy details to be sure about what’s claimable and how to claim it.