Make faster, smarter decisions with a cloud-based ERP solution

As organisations grow, so does the need to efficiently manage the flow of information from various departments. However, this is easier said than done.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions bring together multiple business functions, process management and data from across the entire business into a single unified application. Utilising a single database, organisations achieve a ‘single source of truth’ providing consistent, accurate information for faster, smarter decision making.

What is ERP?

An ERP Solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) brings together data and business processes across your company into one platform. A cloud ERP solution helps you manage your entire business operations from inventory and eCommerce, CRM and purchasing, sales and finance, and more. As a service, it negates the need for costly IT equipment and servers.

By using a unified database, it provides you and your employees real-time access to accurate and consistent information, so you make agile, smart business decisions when it matters most.

The benefits of an ERP Solution

Gain real-time visibility of performance across the business to help make agile decisions.

See insights on business trends and opportunities with real-time business intelligence.

Uncover new sales opportunities and sell more, faster, to existing customers.

Understand your customers and their priorities better with full CRM functionality.

Increase stock turn and reduce product wastage with improved warehouse efficiency.

Save time by reducing manual processes and removing process bottlenecks.

Drive lead generation with powerful marketing automation and detailed analytics.

Stay in control anytime, anywhere via remote access from desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Combine the expertise of Jcurve with the power of NetSuite ERP

  • Automate core business processes with a cloud ERP solution to help you make agile, smart business decisions.
  • Grow your business with ease by consolidating processes in one unified application.
  • Access real-time data from anywhere, whenever you need it through a secure, encrypted system.
  • Work with a large team of highly experienced NetSuite professionals that will provide implementation support, technical support, and account management.

NetSuite – The World’s Leading Cloud ERP

NetSuite is the leading integrated cloud business software suite, including business accounting, ERP, CRM and e-commerce software. From startup to Enterprise, NetSuite supports thousands of customers around the world.

Jcurve is a 5-Star NetSuite Solution Provider, with a large team of highly experienced NetSuite professionals to provide you with implementation support, account management, and technical support.

Jcurve ERP Small Business Edition
(AU Only)

  • Exclusive small to medium business edition of NetSuite ERP
  • Automate manual processes so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Manage your finance, sales and marketing, CRM, inventory, and more – from one system.
  • Jcurve ERP is the perfect entry point for SMBs looking for a seamless upgrade to full enterprise ERP software when ready.

Key features of an ERP Solution

The core properties of an ERP solution not just centralise your data, it integrates your company’s entire organisational structure. This makes it the best automation solution for growing businesses. And some of the key features of ERP include:

Faster implementation and ease of use

In any company, particularly for small to medium sized organisations where employees often perform multiple tasks, spending months implementing a new ERP solution and then training employees how to use the new system can be challenging.

Jcurve ERP has over 600 successful implementations by teams of experienced ERP consultants. Our proven approach helps you see ROI sooner from your investment.

Centralised view on core business processes

Disparate systems not just creates confusion among employees, it leads to cross purpose functions and missed business opportunities.

Jcurve ERP not just integrates information from different departments, it provides your team with insights through real-time, accurate data reports. These reports help you make smart business decisions when it matters most.

Remote accessibility

Jcurve ERP allows users to access and share information from anywhere in the world through a safe, encrypted system. It not just supports today’s remote working culture; the remote accessibility feature is more economical than on-site IT systems.

Flexible and grows with your business

Jcurve ERP is flexible enough to adapt to emerging business needs. This means that as you acquire more business opportunities, or setup offices in different locations, your business management system can be easily modified – not replaced.

Industry compliance

Every industry has its own regulations to maintain a standard in its product and service delivery. There are finance-related compliance standards specific to the country you are operating in.

With Jcurve ERP, you don’t have to worry about not complying with industry-specific and country-specific regulations. The ERP solution is designed to manage tax and finance-related requirements from each transaction that comes in. You also get to access accurate tax reports at the end of your financial year – all ready to submit.

Industry-specific cloud ERP solution

Jcurve ERP’s feature-packed solution caters to the unique needs of your industry. The cloud ERP solution include specialised functionality and modules to support your business growth. Our industry-specific ERP solution includes:

Wholesale Distribution



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Founded in 2008 by Husband-and-wife Carlo Montagner and Bozena Zembrzuski,  Specialised Therapeutics is an international biopharmaceutical company with strategic focus and expertise in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia.  As a partner to biotech and pharma companies around the world – the company has established an extensive portfolio of products and solutions, expanding its operations globally.

Transform your business by leveraging the power of the NetSuite ERP Cloud

With over two decades of experience, 650+ successful NetSuite ERP implementations, and proven methodologies – Jcurve is ideally positioned to support you on your journey.

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Why work with optyc

We’re the premier NetSuite partner globally – by number of customers, and the exclusive provider of the small business edition of NetSuite – Jcurve ERP. We’ve successfully implemented over 600 cloud ERP solutions for companies of all sizes, across various industries.

Our experienced team at optyc take the time to know and understand your business, your challenges and implement the right cloud ERP solution for your needs. Work with one of the largest team of NetSuite experts across Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia Pacific to get your ERP solution up and running faster.