Improve the customer experience with retail for NetSuite and Jcurve ERP

Grow your channels and bring them together

Maximise your sales potential by offering ordering and transactional mediums to suit all your customers. Create a memorable customer experience that reinforces your brand – whether customers are reaching you online from desktop or mobile, or visiting you in-store.

Bring your channels together using the one back-end system to gain a single, unified view of your customers updated in real-time.

    Provide a memorable retail experience with an omni-channel cloud platform

    Meet modern customer needs

    Changing customer buying behaviour demands a seamless online and in-store experience with consistency across your brand. Give customers more than they expect with modern offerings from online returns to in-store order collection.

    Strengthen customer relationships

    Know your customers better with a unified view of all their information from every contact point, whether it’s by phone, email, in-store or online. Empower your staff with an accurate, real-time view of all customer information.

    Unify the shopping experience

    Give customers the convenience of seeing product and order information online through a unified system and empower staff with POS, providing real-time information. Promotions can work across multiple channels, building brand consistency.

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    Ready to start growing your retail business faster?

    Predictively match supply to demand

    Understand of your customers, their buying habits in real-time. Get crucial stock trend analysis to know the stock fluctuations to expect, making your ordering more accurate and efficient.

    Set automated re-order points based on minimum stock levels and ensure you’re not over-ordering with maximum levels in place.

      Make agile business decisions based on real-time data

      Improve stock turn and reduce slow moving inventory that’s sitting on shelves in-store or in the warehouse costing you money. Gain a real-time view of your stock position with advanced business intelligence – giving you the insights you need to make informed, agile decisions about your stock.

      See your top performing product lines at a glance. Know what’s selling and what needs an extra push or promotion to get moving out the door.

      Cloud POS technology

      Drive the customer experience even further with cloud-based POS functionality. Empower your staff with access to real-time product information, pricing, inventory levels, back order times, returns information and more. Customers can seamlessly redeem loyalty points, manage lay-bys or process split payments and gift voucher payments.

      Find out how POS integration can take the in-store customer experience to the next level and empower your business growth.