Grow your packaging business, faster

NetSuite ERP for packaging suppliers

Does this sound familiar?

  • You are ready to grow, but your systems are slowing you down.
  • You want efficient, streamlined processes.
  • You want to automate regular and manual tasks.
  • You want improved profit margins.
  • You want access to business intelligence that shows you where the problems are, and gives you the data you need to fix it.
  • You want to build a super-efficient nationwide distribution network, with the potential to expand internationally.

NetSuite ERP gives packaging suppliers a scalable platform for end-to-end business process efficiency. It’s a single, integrated business management solution that gives packaging wholesale distributors unprecedented scalability and flexibility.

Become the supplier of choice for all of your customers’ packaging requirements – NetSuite ERP gives you competitive advantages  that push you ahead of your competition.

    Save time

    Small Businesses you are supplying to are often time poor and packaging companies that make the procurement process simpler are defining their competitive advantage.

    Become the sole supplier for all of your customers packaging requirements, providing just one invoice and saving customers the time they used to spend dealing with multiple orders from a range of suppliers.

    Drive value

    The Packaging industry is facing increasing pricing pressure by customers needing to buy at the best possible price. Streamlining and automating your business processes, reducing operational costs and improving productivity protects your margins allowing you to offer customers competitive prices across a comprehensive product range.

    Combine this with improving your fulfilment processes making use of pricing quantity breaks from suppliers and automated re-order points based on minimum and maximum stock levels and you will soon seen the benefits to your business.

    Improve service

    You can’t afford to miss out on business or leave customers waiting. Make sure your warehouse team know which orders need to get out of the door each day, prioritising the most important or urgent. Make order status information available to customers in real-time so they know when they should be expecting their delivery.

    And never miss an order by providing eCommerce capabilities allowing customers to self-serve 24/7 – and why not take advantage of upsell and cross-sell opportunities during the online checkout process?

    Ready to start growing your packaging supplier business faster?

    JCurve’s ERP gives you insights and automation

    Access to real time data

    A real-time business dashboard gives you on-demand visibility into key metrics such as margins, orders to fulfil, sales by client, inventory levels in the warehouse and items on backorder. Sales reps share a single view of customer account information and interactions. So everyone in your business can make informed, data-driven decisions.

    Automated stock reordering

    Reordering product SKUs is a simple process. Stock levels, automated reorder points and supplier quantity breaks are easily visible and matched with upcoming sales orders and forecasts.

    You can even automate reordering based on set minimum and maximum stock levels.

    Faster shipping

    When your warehouse system is linked with your sales system, your warehouse team can prioritise the most urgent deliveries, so no customer is kept waiting. And, with advanced inventory management, you can make sure your hottest items are always in stock. What’s more, customers can track their order in real-time so they know when they should be expecting their delivery.

    More efficient processes

    NetSuite ERP is designed to streamline your processes, drawing on global best practices. And the best part? Everyone in the business follows the same best-practice process. You can automate regular or manual tasks, reducing operational costs. By boosting efficiency and reducing costs you can improve profitability or offer more competitive pricing.

    Business insights and intelligence

    NetSuite ERP reporting shows you trends and forecasts – in stock, sales and operations. This allows you to make better stock purchasing decisions, get more control over your inventory management, and even get bulk discounts from your suppliers by confidently buying larger quantities.

    Cloud-based 24/7 access

    Because the ERP is cloud-based, you can access it anywhere, anytime access through the web. This improves collaboration across various offices or for staff on the road or out of the office. It also means you can avoid the high IT infrastructure costs associated with on-premise solutions.