Manufacturing and distribution software that supports all core business needs


  • End-to-end management of engineering changes, ensuring information is seamlessly updated in downstream activities
  • CAD applications can be integrated to streamline and simplify your processes
  • For project-focused environments, gain better control of inventory with item tracking, planning and costing
  • Work with a variety of costing methods including FIFO, average, standard and actual costing
  • See human allocation to data, processes and business systems at a glance with streamlined team management
  • Capture the costs associated with production to see insights into cost and profitability by product

    Cut down production time

    Improve scheduling and work order management. Use streamlined, best practice processes to reduce production times, and avoid costly delays.

    Increase productivity

    Do more without additional resources. When your manufacturing business acts as one, increased efficiency and productivity become the new standard.

    Gain real transparency

    See live detail on key spend, inventory and supply chain management metrics. Gain valuable insights into production, at any time, from anywhere.

    Industry-specific solutions

    Food and beverage

    Maintain traceability across your entire supply chain. Zero lag in operations means less overproduction and product write-offs.

    Furniture and homewares

    Gain live visibility and control over showroom stock, distribution centres, e-commerce and outlet channels. Reclaim time and stay in control.

    Health & medical suppliers

    Gain full traceability and compliance, and the agility to pivot strategies and respond to market changes quickly.

    Light Manufacturing & Process Manufacturing

    Use tried and tested leading processes to reduce production times and minimise errors. Gain real-time insights into production.

    Construction & Building Supplies

    Adapt to seasonal and industry demand changes in real-time. Take control of financial management and improve your supply chain.

    Is your industry not listed?

    Not a problem.

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    Ready to start growing your manufacturing business faster?

    Why use a unified cloud ERP manufacturing solution?

    Manufacturers wanting a complete business solution across ERP, CRM, HCM, eCommerce, and much more, can leverage our cloud-based platform with lower up-front costs than traditional on-premise software options.

    NetSuite’s cloud ERP solution can be adapted to specific roles and requirements and provide real-time business performance insights with dashboard-driven key performance indicators. Get a true, 360° view of business operations at a glance and drill down to the detailed information you need to make informed business decisions.

    NetSuite brings your manufacturing business together


    Gain better control of production with streamlined team management and real-time visibility at each step of the process.

    Order management

    Deliver greater order accuracy, progress visibility and a better customer experience with centralised order management.

    Supply chain

    Collaborate with your supply chain partners with an improved view of inventory and processes.


    Simplify and control your production with serial tracking and complete product history information.

    Sales & marketing

    Campaigns, opportunities and quotes are managed within a single system, enabling your sales and marketing to work seamlessly together.

    Financial management

    See an accurate, up-to-the-minute financial position and reduce time-consuming administrative tasks.


    Provide customers with the convenience of purchasing from multiple channels, with everything being managed from one back-end system.

    Service & support

    Delight your customers with streamlined case management and robust customer support functionality.